Would YOU call your baby one of these unique names? Mother-to-be divides opinion after sharing her unusual list

  • Ailie Smith, from Redhead in Australia, shared her list of baby names on TikTok
  • Her unique and unusual names split viewers in the comments section
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A mother-to-be has taken to TikTok to share her list of rather unusual baby names.

Ailie Smith, from Redhead in New South Wales, Australia, filmed the video while she was making lunch and it has since racked up more than 30,000 views. 

The fashion designer said: ‘So my baby name list is strong. So now that we’re coming to the end of my pregnancy, I started to refine it and we’ve landed on four that we’re just gonna gatekeep.

‘I thought I would share the other names on it because this is too good not to share. It’s been years in the making. Starting off with boy names, one that we had was Rou. It’s French. 

‘So the other name I’ve had has been the longest on my list – I for sure thought that I was gonna use it. 

Ailie Smith, from Redhead in New South Wales, Australia, filmed the video while she was making lunch and it has since racked up more than 30,000 views

Ok but if these are the names that we aren’t using imagineee the ones that we are 🥹

‘But four years ago I started an underwear line and called the underwear line the name of my future baby thinking it’s fine, I’ll still use it. And that name is Augie. I really love feminine names for boys.

Ailie, who is eight months pregnant, continued by saying: ‘Which brings us to my next name, which is – and stick with me, stay with me – Abbe/Abbi. 

‘I don’t know how I would spell it if I were to name my baby Abbi, but I’m thinking A B B E or A B B I. And again, it’s French. 

‘The other name is George. The other name is Margot, I think it’s so cool for a boy, I just love these feminine names for boys. The last name on the boy list is Clo. I don’t think that I’ve really seen it been done. So cool.’

She continued: ‘OK girl names. The first one is Maggie, it hurts a little bit saying it out loud because now I definitely can’t use it, but I love that name, I’ve always loved it. 

‘I think it’s such a good balance of strong and feminine. It sounds pretty and it looks pretty. The last girl, because I’ve only got two, is Agnes. Such a gorg name, so strong and such a good balance between (feminine) and (masculine)

‘The other four names that we have set aside for the baby that I’m making now and a potential future baby are so beautiful, I love them so much, you’ll have to wait and see.’

But people in the comments had split opinions on her list, with some saying they love the names while others weren’t too keen.

Ailie then started to reveal her list of unusual and unique baby names – but she will not be naming any of them for the baby she is pregnant with 

Reaction: Viewers took to the comments to share their opinions on Ailie’s baby names and while some loved them, others were not a fan 

One user said: ‘Love fem boys names too,’ while another commented: ‘I love August, and he’d be called Augie for short.’ A third wrote: ‘Love Rou and Abbe!’

But others weren’t sure about the names, as one TikTok user penned: ‘These names are not cute hahahah’ Another wrote: ‘Love these but you’re naming an adult.’ A third commented: ‘Sorry no.’ 

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