Over the years, it's normal to see prices go up with just about everything in life.

Recently we've seen food costs increase, as well as petrol and even living.

Now a menu from 1976 has been shared on Twitter and it's left many users shocked at how much things actually cost.

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Brits couldn't help but point out the cost of fish and chips after spotting a Yorkshire chippy's menu.

Posting on the @NoContextBrits page on Twitter, people were questioning why there wasn't a deal on fish and chips.

On the menu, you can buy fish and chips for 21p or separately for 13p and 8p, meaning it costs 21p when bought together.

In response, people were quick to debate the positives of the menu, although not everyone was convinced.

One said: "No messing around with a bargain or meal deal. It's either 21p for fish and chips or fish (13p) + chips (8p) = 21p."

Another added: "Do you get a free calculator with your order? The savings here are wild!"

Meanwhile others were quick to point out the costs in their area.

A Twitter user posted: "£9.90 for standard fish and chips at my local takeaway."

While a second person commented: "£9 for a medium cod at mine. Medium chips £3.40."

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And a third Brit claimed to spend around £20 when they buy a chippy tea.

It comes as people are only just noticing the difference between fish and chips in the US and UK.

In the American kitchen, they were served a packet of crisps alongside fish.

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