Regifting can get messy, but now there is an easy out for those looking to get rid of ugly holiday sweaters that are too atrocious to even wear as a joke.

For the holiday season, dog treat company Nudges is offering “Regifting Remade.” This limited-time promotion is all about turning coal into holiday gold for your pet.

All ugly sweater owners have to do is go to Nudges’ website and fill out a form about the sweater they want to send in. After receiving the form, Nudges will send a pre-paid shipping label, so the ugly sweater can be sent to them free of charge. Once the elves at Nudges get ahold of your unwanted knits, they will turn them into adorable toys for your dog and then send the transformed goodies on to you.

Nudges is only offering a limited number of transformations, and can only remake items made out of wool, fleece, denim and/or flannel items with no or minimal embellishments, so act fast!

For those who miss out on “Regifting Remade” or can’t send in their items, Nudges offers DIY craft instructions on their site, so you can transform your own unwanted sweaters into toys your pets will adore.

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