CRITICS have hit out at Netflix after refusing to include a disclaimer at the beginning of The Crown for the sixth time running.

The programme is a dramatization of the lives of the British Royal family, but some viewers feel it should be made clearer that the show is not completely based on real events.

Scenes in season six showed Princess Diana's boyfriend Dodi proposing to her before they died in the fated car crash together.

This was one moment that does not have much historical accuracy, as there is no record of the pair getting engaged.

The Crown also showed Prince William's heartbreaking reaction to hearing the news of his mum's death.

In episode four when he hears about the tragic accident, the young heir runs away from Balmoral and disappears into the wilderness of Scotland.

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Peter Morgan also took some creative license with that segment, as we have no way of knowing what happened behind closed doors when the news of the Princess's death was broken.

While trailers for the show make it clear that The Crown is fictional, there is no disclaimer played at the beginning of each season to warn viewers that the plot is partly imaginary.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has pointed out that members of the Royal family and British politicians feel Netflix should have included an opening statement about the fictional aspect of the show.

She told GB News: "I think a lot of Americans and actually as well I think a lot of young people over here, if you're not of a certain generation where those front pages and that story is still very fresh in your mind, I think you will go into this watching it and believing it to be a very accurate depiction of what happens.

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"These were real events based on real people. But for example, the engagement between Dodi and Diana in this six series is presented as fact. But we don't know if that actually happened. There was always a rumour.

"It was speculated upon, but we don't know as fact, in The Crown it's fact. So just watch it, enjoy it, know it's a drama.

"It still, by the way, doesn't contain a disclaimer at the start of the program.

"I think that it's not just at the Palace, I think politicians as well, a lot of people just feel that actually, it perhaps should have carried that disclaimer. Just to make it perfectly clear."

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