DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife has done a Shirley Valentine . . . she went on a girls’ holiday to Spain and now she says she’s never coming home again.

She’s cheated on me with a local guy and has announced she’s fallen for him so is staying there.

I’m devastated and keep wondering when she’ll come to her senses.

We’ve been married for five years. I’m 38 and she’s 35.

Two months ago, her best mate, 36, organised a week’s holiday for their friendship group of four.

I didn’t really want my wife to go — not least because we’ve been trying to save money.

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We’d been talking about starting to try for a family, so I think she saw it as a last chance to party.

They booked a hotel in a classy resort.

I’ve never been the jealous type, so the thought she’d find romance was the furthest thing from my mind.

On her first two nights away, my wife rang or messaged several times, saying she loved and missed me.

On the third night, she didn’t get in touch at all. Worried, I sent several messages asking if she was OK.

She eventually replied, saying her phone had run out of battery. But over the next few days, I barely heard from her.

The day before she was due to fly home, she sent me a text to say she was staying for an extra week.

And then she rang to say she was sorry, but she had decided not to come home at all.

She’d met a local guy in his early twenties, fallen in love, and realised she wanted to be with him, not me.

I’m gutted. It feels like a bad dream, but one I never wake up from.

I’ve tried contacting her friends but they won’t speak to me. She’s getting her sister to come round and pack up her stuff.


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DEIDRE SAYS:  It sounds like your wife has run from commitment and responsibility straight into the arms of this man.

She is behaving cruelly.

If she was having doubts about having children, or your marriage, she should have talked to you.

Perhaps there were signs, which you didn’t notice.

She may “come to her senses” if and when it all goes pear-shaped. But by then, you may feel differently about her.

What’s important for now is that you look after yourself, and get help to deal with this shock and pain.

Please confide in family and close friends.

My support pack, Mend Your Broken Heart, should help you.

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