My eight-year-old son was brutally shamed by his teacher after missing one day of school

  • A mum is furious after her Year 3 son was issued a ‘cruel’ punishment
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A mum has revealed her fury after her eight-year-old son’s teacher issued a ‘shameful’ punishment for missing a day of school.

She was unpacking the child’s bag when she discovered an unconventional word search puzzle.

The Year 3 boy had to look up words related to his absence, such as ‘excuse’, ‘graduate’, ‘responsibility’, and ‘success’.

The mum revealed that she was especially upset because it was only the first day he had missed all year and her son was usually a model student.

‘I just don’t know how to feel about this,’ she said in a Reddit post. ‘My son had to ask me what truant meant. Is this directed at the parents or simply just a fun worksheet?’

The Year 3 boy had to look up words in a puzzle related to his absence, such as ‘excuse’, ‘graduate’, ‘responsibility’, and ‘success’

Thousands on the social media platform slammed the teacher and school for the cruel punishment.

‘I find this sort of shame behaviour towards children so odd, it’s not like the eight-year-old is responsible for themselves attending school (even if put on a school bus). It’s the responsibility of the parent/guardian to have their child attend,’ one said.

Another wrote, ‘There are so many valid reasons to be late/out of class, and 95 per cent of them are frankly too personal to expect people to share.’

‘There’s no reason to be shaming any student for being tardy – it only makes them want to show up less, and I’m speaking from plenty of personal experience,’ a man wrote.

‘I’ve been a teacher for 31 years, this is ridiculous. Even if it is a student who has attendance issues, how is this going to fix it? Teacher is a jerk,’ another added. 

But others blamed the mum for how she handled the situation.

‘You are demonstrating unnecessary emotional behavior to your child. I am slightly infuriated with you,’ a woman said. ‘Attendance is important. Take it from someone who was truant quite a bit.’

‘I bet it’s just a coincidence and the class is learning some new words. Not everything is about you,’ another wrote.

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