Falling out with your neighbours is never fun.

That's why most of us try to avoid the above at all costs.

However, being in a spat with next door is just inevitable thanks to the likes of moved bins and thumping music.

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And this homeowner is currently in a sticky neighbourhood situation due to parking.

Despite being fond of the seemingly friendly neighbours they've lived next to for 18 years, their amount of cars is driving them around the bend.

In a Reddit post on the 'Neighbours from hell' subreddit, the original poster shared how the one household has 12 cars between them.

Yes, you read that right.

Along with the five family members having a car each, they also own a company car and a few 'project' vehicles –plus the wheels of their daily guests.

Now that their collection is starting to overflow to the original poster's driveway, they are really not happy.

"I live on a corner lot in a standard residential neighbourhood, as do my neighbours," they explained in the post.

“My driveway, garage, and my front door are on different streets.

“The neighbour across from my driveway have their front door and driveway/garage on the same street as my front door, and my driveway/garage faces the side/back of their home.

“They mostly use the side/back entrance as they come and go and we use our garage entrance, so we pass each other frequently.

“They are a family with three adult children (all are college students) and combined they have 12 vehicles."

The riled up neighbour then went on to describe how the residents came to have so many cars in one household.

Although they're not fussed about how many cars they have in their family collection, they do care where they are parked.

Especially, the daily visits from the 'entitled' boyfriend.

With little space left on the street and stuck with a small drive, the Reddit user is struggling to get out of their drive everyday.

"All of their vehicles (other than those in the driveway/garage) are parked in the street in front of their property and wrap all the way around the corner to their backyard," the disgruntled neighbour continued.

"Their guests must park in the street in front of my (or other neighbours) properties.

"My two car driveway is very short, the bumper of my truck impedes the sidewalk, and is at an angle, which makes it very difficult to back out of my driveway with their vehicles lining every inch of the street across from my driveway (3- 4 point turns).

"To top it off, the boyfriend will show up and double park right in front of my driveway.

"They are nice people and other than the vehicle nuisance they are good neighbours, this wasn’t an issue when their kids were young."

Afraid of causing any rifts on the street, the Reddit user isn't quite sure what to do about the residents with many cars.

Apart from the inconsiderate boyfriend, all vehicles are parked legally which leaves the situation even harder to handle.

“Technically, other than the double parking boyfriend, all of their vehicles are legally parked in the street," they shared.

“They are all registered, inspected and I assume insured.

"Still it’s a frustrating nuisance, and I’m not sure how to address it, or if I even should?

"Just to be clear, this has been going on for years.

"They’ve lived here longer than I have and I’ve been in my home 18 years now. Their oldest is about 24-years-old and the youngest is 20.

"All have been driving since they were 16. The cars come and go but the number of them never declines."

Many fellow Reddit users answered the call to give advice on the parking issue.

"Living on a street like that is probably frustrating," one said.

"But as long as you can get in and out, and as long as these neighbours are pleasant, just don't fret about it.

"Only address the double-parking boyfriend with them, if it happens often."

Another added: "I think you can only fairly address the times when you are personally blocked in or the trash cannot be picked up.

"Otherwise, I unfortunately don’t think you can do much."

Let us know in the comments what you would do in the situation – would you speak to the neighbour about the issue?

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