The man, who shares the bottom portion of his long driveway with two neighbours, had never encountered any issues with this arrangement until now. It all began when he received a text message from his neighbour, instructing him to visit her place that evening.

Perplexed by the sudden request, the man questioned the necessity of the meeting, considering their lack of communication over the past seven years.

Venting his frustration on Reddit, he shared: “She wants me to give her my driveway so she can build an in-ground pool for her kids. Her kids are a nightmare, and she has never controlled them. She just lets them run around and do whatever they want all day.”

The conversation between the two unfolded as the woman initiated contact, stating: “Hey. This is your neighbour. I’m putting an in-ground pool in my backyard, and I have some paperwork drawn up for you to sign. Can you stop by my place tonight at 8 pm?”

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Just a minute later, she followed up with another message, emphasizing her busy schedule and the need for confirmation.

The man requested clarification regarding the purpose of his signature, expressing his unwillingness to sign anything while having no objections to her building a pool on her own property.

However, as the conversation continued, he grew suspicious that his neighbour had lied about constructing the pool in her backyard and instead intended to build it directly on top of his driveway.

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Confused by the connection between his driveway and her pool, he asked: “What does my driveway have to do with your pool?”

In response, she retorted: “Don’t be selfish. You have a pool with a waterfall for your kids, but you won’t let me have a pool for mine? Stop being a selfish p****. I’ll see you at 8 pm. I need your driveway to build my pool. Why do you need such a big driveway anyway? You can park on the street and walk up to your house. Stop being selfish; I need this pool for my kids.”

Enraged by the audacity of her request, the man questioned whether she was genuinely asking him to relinquish his driveway so that her children could enjoy a swimming pool on sunny days.

She persisted, stating: “Like I said, you don’t need such a big driveway. You’re being selfish and wasteful. You can park on the street and walk; it’s no big deal.”

Despite repeatedly refusing to sign the documents, the woman resorted to threats, claiming she would involve the police and sue him for everything he owned.

She warned: “They [the police] are going to make you sign, and I’m not only going to take your driveway, I’m also going to take your house. You and your mutt kids will be homeless. You f***ed with the wrong person.”

Following their conversation, the woman proceeded to block off his driveway with traffic cones before demanding once again that he sign her documents.

Frustrated by the situation, the man shared his experience on Reddit, seeking advice on how to handle the matter.

Users responded with suggestions ranging from marking property lines and building a brick wall to consulting relevant authorities to ensure legal compliance.

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