DEAR DEIDRE: IN the middle of an argument, my mum told me my dad didn’t want me.

Apparently, he was desperate for her to have an abortion.

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I’m 21 and recently moved back in with my mum after graduating from university.

It’s been a struggle – she hates my stuff being all over the house, and I hate being treated like a child.

We’ve argued pretty much every day for the past six months.

But I was completely floored when she announced my dad never wanted me.

Before she walked away, she said she should have had an abortion “like he wanted”.

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My dad left when I was three and we haven’t spoken since, so I have no way of checking if this is true.

This has made me feel utterly worthless. I’m crying every day.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is upsetting to hear, and it’s no surprise it has affected you badly.

But please know that even if it was true, that one comment does not define you and everything you have achieved.

It sounds as though you may be struggling with a low mood. Speak to your GP, who may be able to organise some counselling for you.

And contact The Mix ( – they offer advice to under-25s on anything, from mental health to moving back in with your parents.


Maggie tells Will that she’s pregnant and he’s not happy

I’m worried that God will punish me and my family because of my wickedness

Consider sitting down with your mum and discussing why you keep butting heads.

What compromises can you both make to avoid arguments?

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