DEAR DEIDRE: MY granddaughter is very down on herself and regularly says, “nobody will ever love me” because her step­father is an emotional bully.

I’m her 58-year-old grandad. She’s ten.

She’s my absolute world and it’s awful seeing her so unhappy.

She comes to my house after school while her mum works.

I’ve seen and heard the way her mum’s partner treats her. It’s so upsetting.

He’s 45, and a bouncer.

He constantly criticises her, tells her she’s useless and that he’s not surprised her biological dad wants nothing to do with her.

I recently questioned my 38-year-old daughter on why her partner hates her girl.

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But she refused to believe me and yelled at my granddaughter, “Tell him it’s not true. Tell him you’re making it up!”

How can I best protect her?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s tough for kids in these situations.

Your daughter will only leave her partner if she sees first-hand how he’s treating her.

If possible, invite your granddaughter to stay as much as possible to give her a break from his abuse.


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Reassure her she’s a great kid and none of this is her fault.

My support packs Abusive Partner and When Parents Fall Out may help your daughter to see there’s a better life for both of them outside of this mean relationship.

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