A woman who underwent a breast reduction revealed her life-changing transformation.

Amba Rose 'always' had big boobs and struggled with them since she was a teen.

The digital creator and PrettyLittleThing ambassador even had issues fitting in her clothes from the age of 18 because of the size of her breasts.

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As well as back pain, struggling to run and being sexualised for her natural body, Amba had enough of her large breasts.

She decided to seek out surgery to decrease the size of her boobs – and has now gone viral for sharing her transformation.

In a TikTok video that racked up thousands of views, the beauty revealed what she looked like before the intimate operation.

Amba rocked a white crop top as she posed to show viewers what her boobs looked like before.

The content creator twisted to the side as she kept a straight face.

But, she certainly looked a lot happier after the procedure.

The stunner rocked the same crop top to flaunt her smaller boobs as she gave a massive grin to the camera.

"I feel like a brand new person," the audio said.

Amba then took to the comments to share her feelings about her transformation.

"Seven years, hunchback and impacted shoulders later and we're here, Iit [literally] was so painful," she candidly said.

"It took me a little while to get used to them.

"But 6 weeks post op I’m finally feeling myself!"

Amazed at Amba's results, many people took to the comments to shower her with compliments.

One person commented: "Omg you look unreal. I’m so happy that you’re happy."

Another user added: "Even your smile is so much happier! Wow you are an inspiration. Loving you."

While a third voiced: "You are glowing! with a gorgeous smile after."

Someone else praised: "Beautiful lady as always."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "I want one."

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