A mum-of-two claims her ex-boyfriend's pals help pay her child support – by subscribing to her OnlyFans site.

Rebecca Goodwin, 28, struggled to feed her two daughters, now four and 11, before she turned to the kinky platform.

Since her venture, she's been able to buy a £230,000 house and £45,000 car outright after raking in more than £2million from her fan base of loyal subscribers.

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However, the mum often speaks openly about allegedly not recieving support from the father of her kids and often posts videos joking about the situation.

In one of her most recent videos, the porn star claims her baby daddy's pals provide more financial support as they subscribe to her X-rated content.

She posted a clip, which has gained more than 10,000 likes, to the viral sound "I'm petty" by Starrkeisha and wrote: "You might not pay for your children but at least your mates pay for your children."

Goodwin then included a clue heart to imply they had subscribed to her OnlyFans account, which has a blue logo.

TikTok users were left howling over the clip and took to the comments praising her for her sense of humour.

One user said: "If that isn't a top tier flex, I don't know what it is."

Another commented: "In control of your own life and powerful. Smashing it xx."

A third added: "I’m always curious if my BD secretly subs and that’s how he pays child support."

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A fourth wrote: "His blood be boiling."

The news comes after a single mum raged at her child's father after claiming he subscribed to her OnlyFans while saying he couldn't afford to pay child support.

Kendra, who posts on the app as @misskendra000, posted a video to TikTok where she wrote: "When your baby daddy subscribes to your onlyf4ns, but then can't afford to pay his court-ordered child support."


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