A mum was left red-faced after people told her she'd been using her new Ikea clothing rack wrong.

The organised mum proudly showed off her immaculate wardrobe – but admitted she thought something might be off with her new rack.

The Australian woman shared a snap online of the pull-out rails which she used to neatly hang her jackets.

But she confessed that she wasn't sure if she was "using them correctly".

Posting in the Facebook group Mums Who Organise, she parent wrote: "Please do crack a laugh, I don't know if I'm using these correctly – most likely a fail."

People were quick to explain to her that the pull-out rack is actually designed to hang trousers or denim jeans.

However, she had been using it for her jackets instead.

But many of the group members reassured her and insisted that she could use them however she likes.

"They're for pants. Fold pants over them and lose the hanger," one fellow mum commented.

While another wrote: "Lol they are for trousers/jeans/pants/slacks but I give you points for giving it a go, very enterprising."

A third agreed saying "they normally are for hanging pants" while a fourth suggested that she uses it for "ties and belts" as well.

They then added: "It's not wrong if you're happy with it."

Others suggested using the racks for items such us scarves, handbags and even bedsheets.

Some others did warn her about hanging too much weight with all the hangers, noting it's only designed for lighter items.

One wrote: "If that works for you that's great, just be careful hanging too many hangers on those rails considering they are only meant for one pair of pants."

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