The Prada Cleo bag has been the it-girl accessory to have over the past two years, with celebs like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski often seen sporting the popular shoulder bag. And rather than shelling out £2.4k on one, M&S dropped a great £25 alternative that will give you that same ‘quiet luxury’ or ‘stealth wealth’ aesthetic the Prada one gives.

After the popularity of the handbag, M&S has brought out an updated diamante version,£29.50 here, in time for the upcoming party season.

Made up of the same faux leather as the original one, the new version is now covered in hundreds of small, silver crystal detailing – perfect for glamming up your outfits.

The bejewelled version of the Prada Cleo bag will set you back£3.3k hereand is made up of satin with various-sized crystals completely covering it. This piece is definitely a statement bag you’d want to save for special occasions and does not fit into the ‘quiet luxury’ vibe of the original version.

However, spending over £3k on a bag that you might only bring out a few times a year is not something most people are willing to do, so the M&S version that comes in at under £30 has saved the day.

The shape and size of the M&S bag are almost the exact same as the Prada one, with the main difference being that the gems on the M&S version are all the same size and may not look quite as luxe as the Prada crystals. Despite this, we think this is a great dupe and can be a perfect way to add some fun and sparkle to your looks, especially with the festive season coming up.

The resurgence of the '90s shoulder bag has been happening for the past couple of years now thanks to the '90s and Y2K aesthetics coming back into fashion. They're sleek, simple, and easy to carry so we're huge fans. And luckily for us (and our bank accounts), our favourite high street stores have been releasing great alternatives to trending designer handbags, with no exception from M&S.

We'll be snapping this dupe up as we predict a sell-out!

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