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After years of avoiding photographs of herself because of her weight, Claire Druce is finally excited to document memories with her family – she lost almost 100 pounds in one year.

The moment that inspired Druce, 40, from Telford, U.K., to go from weighing about 266 pounds to about 168 pounds was when she saw some photos from Christmas 2020, British news agency SWNS reported. 

Druce’s partner, Paul Jones, photographed Druce while she put up a Christmas setting and later, as she watched her four children open their presents. 

When she saw the pictures later, Druce told SWNS she was “really shocked” by her size. 

According to SWNS, Druce decided to look up her weight on the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) website, where she discovered her 266 pounds is considered “morbidly obese.”

Claire Druce, 40, from the U.K., went from weighing about 266 pounds to weighing about 168 pounds in 2021. (SWNS) 

Druce lost the weight in about one year after seeing pictures of herself during Christmas 2020. (SWNS) 

“It made me feel awful to realize I was actually morbidly obese,” Druce told SWNS. “I just look huge in those pictures: I was really shocked.”

That was when Druce decided to lose weight. According to SWNS, Druce cut sugary cups of tea, sweets and junk food from her diet and replaced them with water, fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Druce even cut out caffeine completely. 

Druce also started walking and now walks up to 6.2 miles a day.

Druce said she was "really shocked" by the photos and decided to change her lifestyle, switching from candy and junk food to fruits and vegetables. (SWNS) 

Now that she’s lost the weight, Druce said: "I feel so much better about myself. Now I’m creating memories that I’ll treasure and feel good about." (SWNS) 

“Something just clicked in me when I saw those photos,” Druce said. “I didn’t want the kids to remember me being like that. I just stopped all the snacks and sugar and started walking.”

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