Model Mary Magdalene had surgery to fix her exploded boob implant and proudly flaunted her new chest.

The OnlyFans star, who has been dubbed 'the world's most surgically-enhanced woman' was forced to go undergo an operation last month after her 38J implant exploded.

It left her with a 'uniboob', which led to her consider "going natural".

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Despite this, Mary's new chest looked just as big – judging by her latest snap.

The 30-year-old took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself which saw her buxom chest bursting out of a 'Dump him'-emblazoned crop top.

She teamed the racy display with fresh-faced makeup as she rocked a pouty expression.

Teasing her 87,700 Instagram followers, the model, from Canada, wrote: "I think my shirt's too small."

"You fixed them," exclaimed one fan, as another added: "You're back!"

"Hope you're healing up good and can’t wait for you to be back home soon," added a third.

Mary revealed at the start of February that her implant had exploded.

She told fans: "Hey you guys, so this is my boob now. So yeah basically my breast implant popped – again.

"I’m having surgery to take them out next week. I’m going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body too."

Mary is well known for her heavily modified looks after spending £81,000 on plastic surgery including a Brazilian butt lift, boob jobs, lip injections, veneers, nose jobs and even an eyebrow transplant.

She also hit headlines for having the 'world's fattest vagina', however she recently underwent labiaplasty to reconstruct her vagina after illegal fillers left it looking like 'female testicles'.


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