A woman says her snaps have been stolen and used for romance scams.

Victoria Featherstone Pearce was tipped off about the catfish accounts by a friend.

And at first, she found the fact someone had taken her photos to be flattering.

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The 51-year-old British model told Insider: "I'm 51 now and was in my mid-40s at the time. I'm no spring chicken, so it felt oddly complimentary that a catfisher was using my pictures."

But over time, Victoria realised the danger of people masquerading as her online.

She managed to get the fake profile taken down – only to spot another page that was also using her face to catfish men online.

The animal rights activist admits she’s a bit “creeped out” by the situation.

Victoria said: “I’m not one to worry, but it seems to me that catfishers play a risky game.

“What if they meet up with someone dangerous or make someone so enraged that they get bent on revenge? I realised there was some risk for me, too.

“My husband is extremely level-headed, but I could easily see a martial blowup if a less even-tempered man found a profile with a picture of his new wife 'looking for love'."

While some advised Victoria to reduce the amount of photos she posts, she needs to have an online presence to promote her dog charity – K-9 Angels.

And she refuses to be hounded off the internet by the fraudsters.


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