The Duchess of Sussex wasn’t able to attend her 20th high school reunion, but she had a really good excuse — she was set to deliver a baby at any moment. Meghan Markle made up for the absence by sending a letter of apology to her schoolmates.

Meghan Markle missed her high school reunion

Markle was undoubtedly one of the most famous faces to graduate from the Immaculate Heart High School, so it’s likely that her classmates were hopeful that she’d attend the reunion so they could catch up. Who wouldn’t want to get some insider information about the royal family?

The timing, however, wasn’t ideal, as the reunion was held the day before Markle gave birth to baby Archie.

The Duchess of Sussex did, however, send a letter to the class of 1999 at Immaculate Heart High School on Kensington Palace stationary. In the letter, she apologized for missing out on the reunion, which was attended by 37 women who graduated in 1999, out of a class of more than 50.

One of her former classmates shared: “Everyone was disappointed that they did not get to catch up with Meghan given everything that has happened to her. But the whole group was super excited about her giving birth to the first British-American prince, it was all anyone talked about.”

The friend continued: “They were so excited to get thatletter from her. She is remembered as someone who is very thoughtful, and toget that kind of attention now that she is a Royal went down really well.”

While Markle wasn’t able to make the 20th reunion, her classmates are hopeful she’ll make an appearance at the 25th reunion and bring Harry and Archie as well.

Markle’s high school reunion for the class of 1999 and other classes from years ending in 4 and 9, was held on Sunday, May 5. On May 6, Prince Harry and Markle welcomed their first child, a baby boy, who they named Archie.

The school congratulated the couple in a Twitter post, writing: “Immaculate Heart High School & Middle School congratulates IH alumna Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, on the birth of their son. The school community extends best wishes of happiness to the Royal Family on this joyous event!”

Classmates and teachers remember Markle

Markle is well-regarded by former classmates and teachers, who shared some special memories of the now Duchess.

One friend, Michelle Fanara shared fondly how Markle wrote a note to her and put it in her yearbook, encouraging her as she struggled in coping with the death of her great aunt. Fanara told Inside Edition: “To have someone reach out and say, ‘Hey, if you ever need someone,’ that is pretty special. I wanted to retreat into my own shell and Meghan was like, ‘No you can’t do that. You’re here. You’re here for a reason.’ She kept pulling me out of my shell.”

One of her teachers, Christine Knudsen, told ABC’s 20/20 that Markle “had a lot of inner strength. She was spunky. She was feisty. She loved to sing. She loved to act, but she also had that depth, which kind of moved into all of her other subjects. And that was what came through in the end.”

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