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As we all know, there’s dozens of strict dress rules that the royal family obey by, but one particular member of the family knows them all too well and there’s a certain one she's reportedly definitely not a fan of.

According to a royal insider, the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t a huge fan of how strict the dress code is.

Meghan, 39, is said to have "disliked" dressing in formal wear on a regular basis, particularly wearing dresses below the knee.

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According to Marie Claire, a source said: "She hated always having to be dressed to the nines as a royal and the old-fashioned rules and regulations, like wearing dresses below-the-knee."

“The Queen is very traditional and prefers female members of the family to wear a skirt or dress below-the-knee when seen in public. As a modern-day woman, Meghan hated this protocol and thinks it’s sexist,” the source added.

If you marry into the royal family, like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, strict dress rules can take a little getting used to.

Some of these rules include: holding their purse in their left hand so their right hand is free to wave, shake hands and greet the public, jeans are only allowed at casual events, the queen must formally approve of your wedding dress, only wearing diamonds after 6pm, always packing a black outfit on a trip incase a family member dies, always wearing hats on formal occasions and only wearing nude tights and wearing gloves during specific occasions (and breathe) the list goes on…

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Since Meghan and Harry moved to LA back in March and stepped down from their duties, it appears the Duchess is thrilled to say goodbye to the royal dress rules, we’ve seen Meghan ditch the glitz and glam and waste no time in embracing her pre-royal style once again.

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