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McDonald's fans will be pleased to hear that the fast food restaurant has revealed that Monopoly will return this summer.

And there are millions of prizes which can be won.

McDonald's has confirmed Monopoly will start on August 25 – and there is a chance to win your very own VIP gold card.

The VIP card will let 1,000 lucky winners claim a free McDonald's meal every week for a whole year.

McDonald's hasn't yet revealed what the other prizes will be, but they will be revealed closer to the launch date.

The last time McDonald's ran the promotion back in 2019, four burger fans had the chance to win £100,000 cash.

Also on offer was A Mini for 20 lucky winners who collected all three green properties on the game.

You could have also won a £2,000 holiday, PS4 console and a mobile phone with a one-year contract.

The game was set to return in March 2021, but was postponed due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

It will run for six weeks this summer, giving Maccies lovers tons of time to win some prizes.

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Due to the cancellation, more than 200 million Monopoly game pieces had already been printed and dated.

McDonald's has told customers they will have to check the dates on its website to make sure you don't miss out on a chance to bag a prize.

The popular game has faced a two-year delay due to restaurant closures during the pandemic.

McDonald's launched the competition, which works in a similar way to the classic Monopoly board game, back in 2005.

Customers collect game pieces when they buy qualifying McDonald's products. This includes colour co-ordinated road names or train stations.

Foodies can find them as stickers which will appear on the packaging of your Maccies product.

Each piece represents a tile on the board, which you be picked up for free in the restaurant or played along online.

When a set it collected, you get a prize, and there are also "instant wins" which allow you to claim your goodies right away.

The news comes after McDonald's recently launched its spiciest burger – which is so hot it comes with free bottle of milk.

The McSpicy burger, which will be priced at £5.49, became available from July 14.

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