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Martin Lewis revealed the savings while appearing on The Martin Lewis Money Show: Live tonight. He told viewers that they could get early access to top deals at Boots.

The expert explained the star offers can be a great way to grab a bargain.

These include picking up Soap & Glory and No.7 products for a huge discount.

Some Britons will be able to get the offers early by signing up online.

He explained the deals will usually appear on the run up to Christmas.

“Boots do a lot of these big discount packs in the run up to Christmas,” Martin said.

“There are a couple earlier than normal, more likely because they are changing their marketing plan due to COVID.”

He revealed shoppers can pick up sets from No.7 and Soap & Glory which give full size products for a reduced price.

If buying both gifts, shoppers could save £95 compared to buying the items individually.

“You’ve got an Ultimate Vanity Case which has No.7 make-up for £24,” the expert continued.

“We valued it independently based on the items and it’s £68 worth so you can always buy it and break it up to give for Christmas presents for some people.”

Those hoping to take advantage of the savings can get the deal both online and in stores.

However the expert warned shoppers against visiting branches due to coronavirus restrictions.

He continued: “It’s live now online and in-store but don’t go to Boots for this, order it online if you possibly can.

“If you don’t need to go out and are in one of the areas in lockdown then don’t do it.

“Get it while stocks last until November 17.”

Shoppers can also save when purchasing items from Soap & Glory.

The beauty brand will usually release a Christmas gift set full of products worth much more than the selling price.

This could be a great way to save money on Christmas shopping, Martin explained.

He said: “The big one I do each year is the Soap & Glory set. It costs £30 and you get £78 worth of stuff in there.

“It’s the Square Necessities bath and body gift set. You can’t get it now but you can join the waiting list on Boots.com and get it early, which is useful as stocks can run out on this one.”

He explained those who join the waiting list get a further 10 percent off, meaning they would get the set for just £27.

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