A girl said she was left mortified when a man passing by shamed her for her low-cut swimsuit.

And instead of support her, her dad told her she was to blame too.

Posting to Reddit, the girl explained that she had been sitting by the pool with her dad when a man walked past and made a crude comment about her costume, according to The Sun.

She admitted her swimsuit was low-cut "but nothing too crazy" and instead of hitting back at the guy who had made a comment on it, the girl's dad turned to her and told her it was her fault for wearing something so revealing.

The girl was understandably left upset and, after being left in tears, vented her frustration online.

She wrote: "I live on the other side of the country from my parents so I don’t see them often.

"They are in town visiting and we all went to the pool. I am wearing a low-cut swimsuit (lower than usual for me), but nothing too crazy. I was sitting with my dad by the pool.

"A man walked by and took a long look at me and kind of gestures to his own chest area and said 'Boy, I’d like to get inside there!' (Inside my top, I guess?) I felt embarrassed."

She continued: "After the man passed and a few more awkward moments of silence later, I said 'well that was awkward' just to say something I guess.

"My dad replied, 'Well, you are looking for attention like that. Women who wear that kind of swimsuit top are asking men to look'.

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"I fell silent. I didn’t know what to say. I went to the bathroom and started crying."

The girl admitted she now feels "so awkward" around her dad and didn't want to be around him – especially after her mum then tried to get her to safety pin her top.

"Now I’m so embarrassed to be wearing this and I don’t think I can handle being around my dad the rest of the week," she added.

"I expected… better from him, I guess? I just was having a good day and now feel so sh***y because of these two men."

The girl later added: "Edit: Ooookay, my dad must have said something to my mom. She just asked me if there was a way to take a safety pin and close my top more securely.

"She said 'it looks like you’re trying too hard with how it is.' I don’t think I can stand to be around either of them another second. I feel so awkward, humiliated, sl***y… and angry at them."

Her post left people fuming, with many slamming the girl's parents for not supporting her.

One person told her: "You are free to disengage yourself from talking to your parents if they can't be respectful. As parents they should always be willing to back you up."

While another added: "You could be topless and it’s not an invitation to look, let alone make sexually explicit comments."

A third said: "That man sexually harassed you and your dad signed off on it because he decided you were asking for it with how you were dressed."

While a fourth said: "You are not in the wrong here. You should be able to wear what you like, without having to deal with creepy comments."

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