Halloween is the season for sweets, sweets and MORE sweets.

As it's an unhealthy period for young kids, parents will be worried about their sugar intake during the spooky season.

Now one man has been praised for his genius way of tricking kids at the door thinking their having chocolates.

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Instead of giving trick-or-treaters unhealthy sweets, he's giving them "golden balls of disappointment".

And to top it all off, the children will only realise they've been conned once they get home.

The bloke shared his "evil" prank on Reddit where he wrapped Brussels sprouts in Ferrero Rocher foil.

He would then slip the foil-wrapped vegetable into the brown paper cup which the chocolate should have been in.

The man captioned the image: "Preparing the Golden Balls of Disappointment for Halloween."

People on the social media forum were left torn by his plan, as some said there was a "special place in hell" for him.

Meanwhile others called him a "legend" as they gave tips on taking his prank to the next level.

One person said: "That's a lot of prep just to be an a**hole."

While another added: "That's just mean. What an a** hat."

And a third praised: "Legend," as a fourth commented: "Evil, but very funny."

Someone else then suggested: "You need to dip them in chocolate for the full effect."

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