I’m a celebrity makeup artist and my 95p hack removed a lipstick stain from a bride’s wedding dress on her special day

  • Melissa Sassine’s Instagram Reel has amassed over 1.4m views  
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A makeup artist has revealed her hack for removing accidental smears from clothing – including wedding dresses.

Melissa Sassine, from Australia, went viral on Instagram by sharing the unlikely product she keeps in her kit.

In October 2022, the beauty expert was booked to do a bride’s makeup for her big day.

But as she was putting on her Ellie Saab dress, the woman was horrified to find a dark lipstick stain on the strapless bodice.

Melissa explained: ‘My bride got makeup on her wedding dress and started to freak out. So I showed her this hack.’

Pictured: the dark lipstick stain the bride discovered on her wedding dress as she was putting it on 

As they were strapped for time, Melissa dug out a bottle of Morning Fresh washing liquid – although any brand will work. 

She continued: ‘I got Morning Fresh and I massaged it into the areas that had lipstick. 

‘Following this, I grabbed a white towel that was dampened with water and further massaged the product into the dress until it disappeared.’ 

The video ends with the bride having her final touch-ups and joking she will now ‘always buy’ that brand of washing liquid – which retails for 95p in Savers.

The Instagram Reel has amassed over 1.4m views on Instagram – and viewers were blown away by how effectively the washing liquid treated the lipstick smear. 

One gushed: ‘Not all hero’s wear capes – apparently they wear lipstick and have amazing style! Amazing Hack.’ 

‘My mum showed me this trick years ago,’ another added. ‘It works with any dish soap. Well done for saving the day.’

‘No wayyyyyy,’ a third gushed. ‘I’m adding washing liquid to my kit.’ 

The makeup artist managed to remove all trace of the lipstick by applying some washing liquid over the top and gently massaging the area with a towel

The video ends with the bride having her final touch-ups and joking she will now ‘always buy’ that brand of washing liquid

The before-and-after images amazed viewers – with some pledging to add a bottle to their makeup artistry kit

Meanwhile, one of the makeup artist’s friends added: ‘I am dying Mel! YOU SAVED THE DAY!!!’ 

Speaking from their own experience, a fifth said: ‘On my wedding day I had a package of baby wipes that I used to clean the bottom of my dress because I was not going to go into the reception with a dirty dress!’

In October 2018, Melissa shared details of her own lavish wedding at the The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. 

‘Most brides normally get to design one dream wedding dress but I was lucky enough to wear two,’ she told FEMAIL of the custom crystal-encrusted Steven Khalil and George Elsissa gowns. 

‘From the moment I described what I had visioned my gown to look like, I knew you were the one for me,’ she wrote on Instagram, paying tribute to Khalil’s work. I will always look back at my wedding pictures and love my gown. It was so regal, timeless and elegant.’

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