LONG, hot showers could well become a thing of the past – as a Squeeze Team probe reveals a 20-minute sprinkling each day will set you back more than £300 a year.

The Sun On Sunday compared the cost of appliances as households contend with spiralling energy costs.

The washing machine and tumble dryer were among the worst offenders, setting users back 75p an hour for each appliance. And with some cycles lasting as long as three hours, that’s a hefty sum.

Food banks recently reported energy costs are so high people want parcels containing items they don’t have to cook.

But our statistics from the Centre For Sustainable Energy show using the grill and hob can be as little as 4p for ten minutes, making it one of the most energy-efficient appliances.

Families can make swaps to save cash, such as hanging laundry out to dry and washing up by hand.

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Squeeze team expert Martyn James said: “No one should have to make drastic lifestyle changes in 2022.

“But sometimes adapting to new ways can save you money and be beneficial.

“By far the most expensive items in your house are the ‘wet’ appliances — such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

“The last two you can ditch completely.”

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Martyn also advised only using the washing machine with a full load and pressing the eco button.

He added: “Fridges and freezers are the next worst offenders.

“I dislike saying this, but microwaves are much cheaper than cookers.”

Below, we list the Centre For Sustainable Energy’s costs of running household appliances for the typical amount of time they are used.

Tumble dryer 75p (hour)
Washing machine 75p (hour)
Dishwasher 60p (hour)
Oil-filled radiator 60p (hour)
Shower 44p (10 mins)
Immersion heater 12.3p (10 mins)
TV 11p (hour)
Oven 8p (10 mins)
Vacuum 5p (10 mins)
Hob 4.8p (10 mins)
Iron 4.5p (10 mins)
Microwave 3.1p (5 mins)
Kettle 1.3p (1 min)
Toaster 1.2p (2 mins)
Games console 0.8p (10 mins)

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