Merry pugmas! London welcomes a festive pug café where you can cuddle the pups dressed as Santa and elves

  • The UK’s first café for pug has launched a festive event called ‘Pugmas’ 
  • Patrons can cuddle and play with pups dressed in sweet Santa and elves outfits
  • The establishment’s owners have stressed that the pup’s welfare comes first
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The UK’s first café for pugs has launched ‘Pugmas’ this festive season, bringing Christmas fun in the form of seven rescued cuties dressed in an array of adorable outfits.

CuppaPug, London, set up by Pug-enthusiasts Aaron Carty, Matt Pieterse, and Lady Phyll, allow customers the opportunity to spend hours cuddling this pint-sized pack of pups.

If that wasn’t enticing enough, you can play with them and give them plenty of cuddles while they’re dressed like Santa and his helpers.

The cafe’s motto is ‘pugs’ welfare first, café second’ and is home to seven resident pugs: Gaston, six, Bruce, five, Bowser, three, Beau, two, Gizmo, one, Bebe, one, and Baloo, six months.

CuppaPug, London, set up by Pug-enthusiasts Aaron Carty, Matt Pieterse, and Lady Phyll, allow customers the opportunity to spend hours cuddling this pint-sized pack of pups.

Aaron said: ‘Pugmas is so special to us here at CuppaPug!

‘For Matt and I, “Pugmas” is about bringing festive joy and pugs to people really needing a strong dose of Christmas fun.

‘We are Christmas-themed with a pink Christmas Santa, pink Christmas trees, lights and decorations and of course, the pugs in their little Santa outfits.

‘We also have Christmas-themed drinks and cupcakes including a gingerbread latte and warming Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows – also a favourite for the pugs, so watch out!’

Patrons will get to cuddle and play with the adorable pets wearing sweet Santa outfits during these holidays 

The owners of the establishment have said that the pet’s welfare comes first at CuppaPug this season

At CuppaPug, the welfare of the Pug’s is Aaron and Matt’s priority, and their motto is ‘Pugs first, café second’.

He added: ‘The pug’s welfare always comes first, so the benefit of visiting the café is that you really get to immerse yourself with not only our seven resident pugs, but the pug pals that visit too.

‘The reaction we get from people walking past and seeing the pugs in the ball pit through the window is one of absolute awe.

‘The café has an enormous glass window which inspired my idea to put a ball pit in front of it as it’s lots of fun for people to see the pugs playing as they walk past.

‘The pugs like to play ‘Find the Carrot’ – all seven go crazy, jumping all over the customers to find the treat first!

Visitors have been told to watch out as the festive drinks including gingerbread lattes are a favourite among the pugs

One of the adorable pups that you can cuddle up to at the London café this festive season, dressed as Santa

‘People walk back from work with a miserable face but once they see the pugs playing, it makes them stop in their tracks and smile, usually taking a heap of photos too.

‘A lot of kids who visit tell us it’s the best day of their lives!

‘The pugs are so well behaved with children and parents often bring children who’ve had bad experiences with dogs to try to overcome it.

‘Reactions from customers are overwhelmingly positive; we really are a joyous place!

Aaron has always been a pug lover. He got his first pug in 2016 and every year since, which is why the café always has seven resident four-legged friends inside.

He added: ‘My first pug was Gaston, who’s now six. He’s the loveable, grumpy grandad of the group.

The patrons can enjoy the company of these furry helpers this Christmas. Pictured: one of the pups at the café 

The white pup is one of the many available to cuddle at the café, and each come with their own costume 

‘Then there’s Bruce – the security dog, and Bowser, who’s the naughty pug of the group. Gizmo, the boss, is a spoilt baby.

‘Beau has epilepsy and a heart of gold, and then the newest pug, six-month-old Baloo, is wild and loves life.

‘All the pugs love being in the café and the attention they receive. With CuppaPug being so busy it’s great as they get constant company and the reassurance they crave.’

CuppaPug are looking to introduce PugLates and cocktails will also be available on the menu soon.

Ten percent of their entry fee goes towards rescuing and rehoming pugs, and they have pugs brought in who need adopting, partnering with The National Pug Protection Trust, who provide customers with information and advice.

Aaron continued: ‘We just want to provide more of our constant pink pug madness to our customers and fans.

‘It’s such a nice atmosphere and spending all day with our pugs is an amazing privilege I want to share with people.

‘The response on social media has been amazing, and it’s really helped bring people in.

‘We update our socials daily with fun and light content showing all the pugs that have visited, and people often share their own content too.

‘All cafes should be dog-friendly, but ours is unique and works well because our pugs are a family.’

‘Once inside you can buy a selection of drinks, cakes and hot food – as well as treats to feed the pugs!’

Customers often boast how therapeutic the experience is, especially when the pugs are having quiet time in their beds or on the laps of customers, but equally, there can be lots of chaotic fun when playing or training with the animals!

Aaron added: ‘This year ‘Pugmas’ will run up until the December 18 so make sure to get yourself down for some festive fun!’

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