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Lil Nas X is officially inked.

The rapper shared snapshots of his first tattoo experience on Instagram yesterday, and fans couldn’t get enough of his over-the-top reaction.

“juh got my first tattoo,” he captioned a hilarious photo of himself screaming as an inked-up tattoo artist worked on his arm.

Dressed in a mint green Dior puffer coat ($3,100) and white shorts ($1,350) covered in the house’s logo, Lil Nas X closed his eyes and scrunched up his face as the woman added a meaningful symbol to the inside of his wrist.

The series of photos included several close-ups of the striking black design, which was based on the Aries symbol and featured in the album art for “Montero.”

His Instagram followers were loving the snaps (and the star’s funny reaction), with one commenting, “cant tell if you’re yawning or if getting a tattoo hurts that bad.”

“UR FACE ON THE FIRST PIC LMAOAOAO” another wrote, while a third fan said, “yall so slow. obviously he was just doing that face for the picture ..”

While he might have been milking it for the camera, his expression tracks based on the tweet he posted back in June, with the 23-year-old “Old Town Road” rapper writing, “the reason i don’t have tattoos yet is nothing philosophical or deep i am simply just too p—y.”

The “Montero” rapper posed in a mirror to display his new tattoo.


He proudly showed off his first piece of ink.


He proudly showed off his first piece of ink.


He wore a “2 Fast 2 Furious” airbrushed tee and bright pink sneakers while touring in Spain.


Lil Nas X wore a metallic crop top and pants for one of his Barcelona performances.

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