If you weren’t Team Kylie before 2019, I feel like it’s officially time to convert. This girl has created a loving, stable home for her daughter, launched a myriad of bomb beauty products, all while surviving the many rumors and scandals that plague celebrities all the time. To do and go through so much can take a lot out of a person, but Jenner is always onto the next thing, which is why I knew Kylie Jenner’s 2019 Met Gala dress would be good. Even with her mega-busy schedule, Jenner is the kind of gal who can find time for a few fittings, and the result this year is a dress that has me shook.

Now that Jenner is posting more than ever on the ‘Gram, it’s easy to forget the lengthy hiatus she took whilst pregnant with her daughter, Stormi. After radio silence for so many months, she wowed us all with the birth announcement video in February 2018, but fans still didn’t see much of her until she graced the Met Gala carpet a few months later in May. It was undeniably her comeback moment, and only her third time on the Met steps, so she, of course, felt a lot of pressure to serve looks.

Kylie’s return featured low-key, slicked-back hair, teeny tiny diamond bejeweled sunnies, and a strapless black dress with cutouts:

Sorry, Pete Davidson, but I’m willing to argue that Jenner’s 2018 Met Gala look was where BDE really originated. The sunglasses worn indoors throughout the night? The massive train? It was all so "cool," but at the same time, so "look at me" extra. I loved her for it.

This year, Jenner showed up sporting a purple look head-to-toe, including her hair.

OK, I have a lot of feelings on this look, and most of them are high praise. The feathers!!! There has to be at least a million feathers on that dress. The sleeves! The HAIR! Can we make lavender hair a thing? I feel like she nailed the theme here, and the fact that she went matchy-matchy with sister Kendall just warms my heart. And well done, Versace, who designed their gowns for the night. Can you even?!

While she did match her sister Kendall, Kylie also walked the carpet with her hubby and Stormi’s daddy, Travis Scott. It’s so awesome to see these two take it to the next level with this theme.

Skipping past last year, let’s take a look at her stunning 2017 outfit, featuring that icy blonde bob and a naked dress with rose gold glamor and fringe:

Her 2016 look was basically the same, but different. That year, the bob was black, and the rose gold was a sparkly silver and diamond situation:

Obviously, Jenner likes using her Met Gala gowns as an opportunity to show off her impeccable style, and who could blame her? I’m glad to see her enjoying herself. Live your life, Kylie, and keep slaying on the carpet!

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