“This is the bad place.”

Kristen Bell has come under fire for posing with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Over the weekend, the LASD Lancaster Station posted two photos on its Instagram and Twitter accounts that featured Bell meeting deputies. The first pic, which was taken outside the Lancaster Station, showed the actress posing with two sheriff’s deputies, with her arms wrapped around the two men. The second image included Bell, 41, giving a thumbs up for a selfie with a deputy.

“Today, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting @KristenBell, who was hands down, the kindest human ever. There truly never is a dull moment at Lancaster!” read the caption on both posts, which Bell doesn’t appear to have “liked.”

Although it’s unclear why the star was at the station, she was met with criticism over the photos as many social media users called out Bell for visiting with Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies in the first place.

Per the Los Angeles Times, the LASD was accused of including gang-like groups of deputies, which several people noted in their tweets.

Meanwhile, a few commenters brought up an incident from September in which a School Resource Deputy was captured on video slamming a 16-year-old female Black Lancaster High School student to the ground. (At the time, the Sheriff’s Department said the “juvenile physically resisted the detention” and the deputy “used force to effect the detention and take the juvenile into custody.” The statement also noted that “an in-depth review of the policy and tactics during the incident is being conducted.”)

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Meanwhile, others pointed out that Bell has declared herself a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

“Wow this sucks so much @KristenBell. Taking pictures with deputy gang members #LASDgangs,” a person wrote.

“These people be so precious with their ‘brand’ then turnaround and be like ‘lemme do this quick photo op with some violent agents of the state in an ugly beanie,'” a user tweeted, while another said, “Hey @KristenBell did you tweet #blacklivesmatter. cuz this ain’t it.”

“This is the bad place,” another user chimed in, referencing Bell’s sitcom, “The Good Place.”

However, the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, expressed his gratitude for Bell stopping by at the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station, sharing a comment on the Instagram post. “@kristenanniebell. Thank you for the visit !,” he wrote.

TooFab has reached out to Bell’s reps for comment.

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