Kourtney Kardashian recently celebrated her 44th birthday in style, and the reality star’s family spared no expense making her big day special. However, the luxurious celebrations weren’t without controversy, specifically over Kourtney’s lavish flowers.

Earlier this week, The Kardashians star uploaded a series of photos and videos from her birthday celebrations, including footage of the numerous flower arrangements she received from loved ones. However, some comments criticized Kourtney over the sheer number of flowers she received, saying it’s more than one person can enjoy before the flowers die.

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One person questioned what the family does with all the flowers once the celebrations are over, to which Kourtney replied.

“What do you think they do with the flowers after they are looked at?” the person wrote. Kourtney responded by writing, “We donate them to the children’s hospital.”

This isn’t the first time the Kardashian-Jenner family has received backlash for their over-the-top birthday parties, which often include many flower arrangements and décor. Khloe Kardashian had a similar reply to her sister when asked about what they do with the leftover décor and flowers.

“Serious question… what do y’all do with all the props, decor, and leftover food after birthday parties!!?” one person tweeted Khloe in 2019.

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“I just watched Khloe’s from last weekend, North/P’s the week before and Saint’s last night. It’s SO MUCH, I’m so curious! @khloekardashian @KimKardashian @kourtneykardash,” they continued.

Khloe responded via Twitter to the query, explaining that whatever wasn’t rented is donated in some shape or form.

“The decor is normally rented but anything personal (like the quote signs) I have in storage for another function one day,” she said. “The food left overs always get donated to a food bank or church. Sometimes the food may go elsewhere Depending on the situation.”

It’s unclear how much the Kardashians tend to spend on birthday parties, but they’re known for their over-the-top events, especially when it comes to their children’s parties.

One report says that hiring the party planer can cost $50,000 alone, while hiring staff is likely around $45,000, lighting is $38,000, and videographer can be $10,000. Given that food, party favors, and décor likely also costs tens of thousands of dollars, it’s easy to imagine that a single Kardashian birthday party can cost over six figures.

Kourtney’s birthday gift from her husband Travis Barker cost $160,000 on its own, so the family clearly spent a small fortune on her birthday celebrations when considering all the expenses.

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