Southern Charm fans recently got a sneak peek inside Kathryn Dennis’ gorgeous 2,800-square-foot home.

The lavish fully furnished crib is located in the desirable South of Broad neighborhood and boasts four bedrooms and three and a half baths, Bravo’s Home & Design reports. During a recent episode, she proudly showed off her digs to Austen Kroll. The mother of two now has ample room for her children to spread out, plus Dennis is located in one of the more historic districts of the city.

She shared that the rental costs about $6,600 a month, which breaks down to staggering $79,200 a year. So is that the going rate in Charleston or can you find a decent rental for less?

Housing will consume most of your budget

According to Best Places, Charleston, South Carolina offers a mixed bag when it comes to expenses. On one hand, the site asserts living in Charleston may be a little less expensive than in other cities. Areas, where you can catch a break, include groceries and healthcare.

However, housing is going to be your biggest concern. The median home price is $313,700 in Charleston as compared to $219,700 nationally. If you move outside the area, you can score a home for far less at about $159,700 on average.

How else will you pay more in Charleston? Utilities are going to cost you more, plus even gas and car insurance is higher. Also, don’t forget about those fabulous bars and restaurants in the area. You’ll definitely pay a little more for the amazing dining in Charleston than you would in other areas of the country.

But is it possible to rent for less than $6,600?

Overall rent prices may exceed the national average, but renters can still find a home for less than what Dennis pays. Of course, Dennis should consider her home came furnished plus her neighborhood is hot, so she’ll likely pay more than in other areas of the city.

If you go tiny, you can score a studio apartment in Charleston for about $915 a month, according to Best Places. Looking for a larger space? A two bedroom abode will set you back about $1,250 a month. Of course, if you rent in an area just outside Charleston, you’ll only pay an average of $1,118.

Homes comparable to Dennis’ home size go for an average of $2,167 a month. Significantly less than what Dennis pays. This figure doesn’t take into account specific neighborhoods or whether the home is furnished or not. But if you rent just outside the area you can score a home for even less–$1,938 a month.

What about homes in Dennis’ neighborhood?

Moving to a highly desireable area will cost you more no matter where you live. Featured rentals in Dennis’ neighborhood show her rent price isn’t too far off the going rate.

A quick scan of shows homes for rent in the area are in high demand. The site only features a few properties that are the same size as Dennis’ home. Prices range from $3,400 to $4,400 a month.

However, if you aren’t specific on size, you’ll have a few more choices, but some are more expensive than what Dennis pays. One gorgeous three bedroom, three bath home rents for about $9,300 a month. The stately home is nearly 3,000 square feet and is located downtown. Renters can anticipate a fully updated home with a gourmet kitchen, open floorplan and spacious areas for entertaining.

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