Renowned brand Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health is rolling out a new product line for kids and it’s co-created by people who often know them best–parents and caregivers. Called Vivvi & Bloom, the line was made to meet the needs of Millennial and Gen-Z parents. 

“We believe that no one is more in tune with what they need to help their little ones grow and thrive than the parents and caregivers who nurture them each day,” said Duda Kertész, President, U.S. Skin Health at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health in a press release.

According to research done in creation of Vivvi & Bloom, the top three things Millennial and Gen-Z parents are looking for are natural and tested ingredients, functional products that work, and a brand that reflects their values as a community and gives back. These are key attributes of the new product line. 

Kertész expands on this saying, “Consistent with our consumer-first focus, we worked with our ‘Village’ of diverse caregivers to understand their unique needs which inspired all areas of Vivvi & Bloom™ from the brands’ name, mission and charitable collaboration to the brands’ introductory product range and benefits.”

Not only are the products in Vivvi & Bloom verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), they’ve also been pediatrician, dermatologist, and ophthalmologist tested. Vivvi & Bloom has also partnered with Newborns in Need to give back.

In terms of the range of products available to launch the brand, they include a wash & shampoo cleansing gel, face and body whip lotion, and scalp & body massage oil. 

  • Vivvi & Bloom™ 2-In-1 Wash & Shampoo Cleansing Gel ($9.98)

Made with responsibly sourced natural shea butter, this product has been tested on sensitive skin and helps prevent dryness.

  • Vivvi & Bloom™ 2-In-1 Face & Body Whip Lotion ($9.98)

Made with responsibly sourced natural shea butter, this body whip lotion is said to provide 48-hour moisture for baby’s skin.

  •  Vivvi & Bloom™ 2-In-1 Scalp & Body Massage Oil ($9.98)

Made with sunflower oil and coconut oil, the body massage oil can be used to administer baby massages and remove dry flakes on the scalp.

Parents and caregivers want to give their little ones the best experience possible, which means products that prioritize the safety and wellbeing of their kids. If this is something that aligns with your values, consider testing this product line for you and yours.

 “As a parent, the experience of providing real ideas and feedback and seeing them come to fruition in Vivvi & Bloom™ has been truly empowering,” says Cameca Johnson, parent and member of the “Village.” She says, “This new brand will benefit countless families and I am proud of the unique offering it delivers from the products themselves, to its important charitable partner and all it stands to achieve.”

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