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Jason Derulo may “Talk Dirty,” but he keeps his wellness routine clean.

And with New Year’s resolution season almost here, the star — who tells Page Six Style he tries “to eat and drink as organic as possible” — has plenty of tips.

“Take walks every day, build a great workout playlist and find a gym buddy,” he says of his top fitness advice, adding, “Listen to your body, eat lots of protein and stay hydrated.”

During his own gym sessions, the singer frequently racks up “likes” while racking up reps; he’s known to share videos of his workouts, in addition to a slew of viral challenges ranging from fitness feats to dance routines.

But while he’s attempted several tricky TikTok trends, one video stands out as the hardest to execute. 

“Be strict but within reason,” Derulo says when asked his wellness advice.

jason derulo/Twitter

He recently became co-owner of TREO, which offers drinks he says are “made of organic birch water and fruit juice,” and “way more hydrating than water or even coconut water.”


The “Whatcha Say” singer shares fitness content with his followers.


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