How often is it ‘normal’ to have sex? Woman reveals her boyfriend wants it ‘multiple times a DAY’ – but others say they slip between the sheets just once a month

  • Woman, from the UK, revealed that her partner wants sex ‘multiple times a day’
  • Took to Mumsnet to ask others what their ‘normal’ is when it comes to intimacy
  • Many suggested that lockdown had had a negative impact on their libido  

A woman has sparked an online debate on whether it is ‘normal’ it is for her partner to want sex ‘multiple times a day.’ 

Taking to UK-based forum site Mumsnet, the anonymous woman, who is in her twenties, penned: ‘DP wants sex daily and would love it to be multiple times a day, whereas I’m happy with twice a week or every other day at most.’

And when she asked others what their ‘normal’ was – many were quick to reply with very different responses, with replies ranging from multiple times a day every day, to once a month.  

An anonymous woman, from the UK, has sparked an online debate on how ‘normal’ it is for her partner to want sex ‘multiple times a day. Pictured, stock image

Taking to UK-based site Mumsnet, the woman revealed: ‘DP wants sex daily and would love it to be multiple times a day, whereas I’m happy with twice a week or every other day at most’ (pictured)

In the initial post, the woman, who has been with her partner for seven years, explained: ‘If a day or two has gone by and we haven’t done it I can tell he’s becoming frustrated, which makes me feel inadequate for not wanting it more.’

She went on to say that the ‘obvious answer’ would be that he ‘helps himself’ when such circumstances arise – before adding, ‘which I’m sure he does but that doesn’t mean he won’t still want sex’.

She then asked the forum: ‘What is your normal?’

Many users highlighted that it was lockdown that was having an impact on their low libidos. 

‘I have zero interest in lockdown. He is driving me up the wall all day and I have no personal space. Its the last thing I want,’ wrote one.

A second commented: ‘In lockdown once a month. Non lockdown twice a month, we would both like it more but with him working full time and a teenager and 10 year old it is hard to get time alone.’ 

Many revealed that lockdown that was having an impact on their low libidos – and so they were having sex less frequently that previous (pictured)

A third added: ‘No. Both 40s, been together 10 years. At the moment not very often, only three times since lockdown. We are very tactile and always kissing and cuddling, just a bit of a low spell – DP’s been made redundant so neither of us feeling that great mentally.’

Others revealed how their previous habits had changed since lockdown. 

However, a third revealed: ‘Haha everyday no way! We have had lots more during lockdown but now we are back at work and Dh is back on his shift pattern it’s once or twice at weekends.’ 

Meanwhile, another user highlighted how the low moods caused from the lockdown is the reason and added: ‘I don’t think we’ve had sex since lockdown, I’ve been quite depressed and not in the mood at all. We’ve talked about it and he understands.’


Others suggested they have made the most of lockdown when it comes to the bedroom department, while some asked whether the woman’s partner was rude to her (pictured)

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