DEAR DEIDRE: AT some point I want kids – but my partner has two from a previous relationship and doesn’t want more.

We’ve talked it over and I said we should end our relationship before it gets more serious. My partner is not happy but understands.

I am 27 and he is 34. We have been together for almost two years and things were good. I’m devastated and cried for days.

I keep thinking to myself that it’s OK to carry on for a bit, since I don’t want children any time soon. But I’m really struggling to see how I will be after this split.

DEIDRE SAYS: If having a child is the absolute priority for you, you are unlikely to be able to step straight into another suitable relationship.

So you would be best freeing yourself now. But no relationship comes with babies guaranteed.

If you and your partner are strong together, you could give him a year to reflect – and give yourself time to explore possible compromises.

Maybe he can’t face the early years. But could you foster older children together, perhaps?

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