A young Instagram model has revealed she’s made more money than she “could have imagined” after launching three businesses at just 20-years-old.

Cansel Özyalcin, who lives in Germany, grew up in a family of seven from a Turkish immigrant family with “little support”.

The 23-year-old has gone on to be a successful influencer with over 300,000 followers on her @canselguel page, and rakes in the cash from fashion and beauty companies.

Cansel decided to become a self-employed star at the age of 20 – and now owns clothing and nail brands that became wildly successful during the pandemic.

The model explained: “My family comes from a very humble background and I had very little support in my life growing up in a family with five children.

“I was already active on social media for a long time in my early 20s."

She continued: “I have been fascinated by the social media world since childhood and always wanted to be a part of it.

“I loved dressing in the latest fashions and trends and taking photos and posting them on Instagram, the more likes you got the more appreciation I felt.

“At the age of 20, I decided to become self-employed and start my own brand. This is how my brands BABESFASHION and SLAYNAILS came about.

“I put all my energy and knowledge into marketing and of course my blogger friends support me to become well known.

“At first everything was still very small and I still packed every order myself.

“Over time, the brands grew until we had our breakthrough in 2021 due to Covid and the online boom.

“Now we have a huge warehouse that works fully automatically and our own team for support and social media.”

Cansel added: “I have already made so much money with my company deals that I could not have imagined when I started.

“I’m currently living my dream life, even if it's hard work and I'm lucky to help my friends and family financially out.”

And, the entrepreneurs success resulted in her becoming a Fashion Nova ambassador and being posted on their social media which has more than 20million fans.

And, the life on an influencer comes with a lot of perks.

She commented: “Of course it is a great privilege for me to regularly receive the latest fashion trends from the USA, to fly to photo shoots.

“I naturally have many more opportunities in life. I get tons of products like clothing, shoes, bags and much more sent to me.

"I love designer items such as bags, shoes, watches, luckily I can buy anything I want and no longer have to look at the price of the items.

"I am often invited to events and can therefore travel a lot.

"I love to take pictures that are as inspiring as possible, so I regularly commute between Berlin and Dubai.”

But, despite the bags and goodies, Cansels life has negative aspects.

The beauty explained: “I enjoy privileges that others don't have, but it also brings restrictions in my private life.

“I am of course under pressure to deliver stories and content every day, even if things are not going so well.

“I am very careful about my diet and always have to stay in shape. I'm in the gym almost every day. “

Plus, finding friends can be tricky as “many only want to take advantage of you and benefit from your success”.

The model noted: “I only have contact with very close friends that I have known since my childhood.”

And, she’s often trolled by social media users who leave cruel comments.

Cansel said: “Unfortunately, hate comments and envious people are everywhere.

“At first, insults hit me very hard, but over time I've learned to deal with them and ignore them.

“The more success you have, the more haters and envious people there will be.”

Luckily, her family are “very proud” and support her as she works on her businesses and sharing fashion and beauty content.

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