A couple who split rent in a ratio proportionate to income came to a major disagreement when their salaries changed, making her the higher earner. 

The man and his girlfriend had agreed to split the rent according to their incomes for the three years they lived together, but he earned double her salary at the time.

The tables eventually turned and the man found himself in a financial predicament due to a change of circumstances at work that resulted in financial cuts.  

“Up until a month ago, I earned almost double her income. However, my company has been doing pay cuts and my girlfriend recently got a major promotion, so now she makes about 50 percent more than I do,” he explained on Reddit. 

“However, now she wants us to ‘either keep the rent/bills pay distraction as it was before’ (as in she pays 35 percent and I pay 65 percent) or she ‘will pay 50/50, max’.”

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He went on: “I asked her why are not doing proportional splits anymore and she said I should be grateful that she is flexible enough to upend her finances for me and split it 50/50.

“She’s been cold with me recently and told me shouldn’t have to punish herself for her financial and that my ‘lack of adaptability is off-putting’.” 

Other users in the forum were quick to warn the boyfriend of his partner’s red-flag behavior, with one saying: “Thank god you’re not married.”

Another explained: “This speaks miles of [girlfriend’s] morals. Time to move on as life will throw you more curve balls and she isn’t willing to play fair.”

One person suggested the man backdated the bill so that she makes up for the 15 percent difference in rent that he’s covered for the past three years.

“Or you can cover it all for x months until we’re even. 50/50 just as you said,” they suggested, to which another agreed: “I was thinking something like this would be fair as well.”

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