Summer on the Farm: Helen says she's stained her shirt

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Grass stains are believed to be permanent by many. These marks simply show the transfer of chlorophyll from grass to fabrics when grass has been crushed. Fresh grass stains are fairly simple to move. has compiled a list of five fail-safe ways to remove grass marks.

How to remove grass stains

Grass stains are not just for children – anyone attending an outdoor concert or sporting event can result in tough to remove stains on clothes.

Grass causes stains and can be difficult to remove because grass is rich in chlorophyll.

This dyes the grass giving it the characteristic green colouring.

Laundry detergent/Stain remover

Treating grass stains as soon as possible is the best way to remove grass stains.

You should begin by using laundry detergent or stain remover.

A biological detergent can help treat stains, including grass stains.

Simply rub the stain with a small amount of detergent which will help to loosen the stain and then you should proceed to wash the garment as normal.

Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is a solvent which helps to clean the green pigmentation which is imprinted on items after a grass stain is left on clothing.

Before using this method, read the care instructions for your item to ensure you will not damage the fabric by proceeding.

A small amount of alcohol should be applied with a clean sponge to the stain.

Avoid wiping or scrubbing the mark as you will simply spread the dirty mark further.

Rinse the item in cold water and then apply a small amount of liquid detergent.

Massage the detergent into the clothing to help get it into the fabric and then allow it to soak in for five minutes.

Wash the item as normal in your machine.

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Hairspray contains alcohol and therefore will have a similar impact to rubbing alcohol.

You should use this method for mild discolouration only because hairspray will not have as much of an effect.

To use this hairspray method, apply it to the stain and then allow it to dry.

Use a stiff-bristled brush and scrub at the stain.

Next, apply detergent to the area and wash as normal.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

For this method, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to create a thick paste.

Place this paste across the grass stain and allow it to sit for around 30 minutes.

Scrub at this paste with a brush and then rinse the area with cool water.

Work laundry detergent into the area and allow it to sit before you rinse it off with cool water.

White vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most effective ways to shift grass stains.

For this method, mix one part distilled white vinegar with one part water.

Coat the stain before you allow it to sit for up to 30 minutes.

Scrub the area and then rinse it with cool water.

Repeat these steps with liquid detergent before rinsing it off and washing it as normal.

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