The last laugh! Hilarious headstones reveal people who took their sense of humour to the grave – including one telling visitors to ‘go away’

  • The series of amusing photos have been collated in picture gallery by Go Social 
  • One instructs visitors to ‘go away,’ while another apologies for ‘not getting up’ 
  • A headstone which likely belongs to a cynic reads: ‘I knew this would happen’

From one which apologises for ‘not getting up,’ to another which documents an infamous fudge recipe, these hilarious gravestones reveal people who really had the last laugh. 

The series of amusing pictures, which were sent in from people across the globe, have been collated in a photo gallery by Go Social.

Despite being on death’s door, these witty plaques suggest the people in question took their sense of humour to the grave.   

Laid to rest! This witty note left on a man’s gravestone joked about the fact he’ll be laying low for the foreseeable future 

Food for thought! While this lady sadly passed away, her renowned Fudge recipe is sure to live on

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Facing reality! One man decided not only to create a powerful message, but to turn it into a smiley face for added impact

One foot in the grave! This lady took her passing in her stride – if the message on her plaque is anything to go by

The pessimist! This headstone which reads ‘I knew this would happen,’ suggests the owner was either a psychic or a cynic 

To the point! There’s no beating around the bush as far as this person’s blunt gravestone is concerned 

An ill feeling! This tribute features a Spike Milligan epitaph which reads ‘I told you I was ill’ in Irish

Kiss of death! This baffling explanation as to the cause of the person’s demise is apparently a true story

Death trap! One man decided to make a huge revelation on his plaque by revealing he ‘never killed a man that didn’t need killing’ – good to know! 

Sleeping beauty! This lady agrees that there’s nothing worse than being woken up while trying to get some shuteye, so she subtly asked visitors to keep the noise down – by having it written on her gravestone  

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