Guys. GUYS. GUYYYYYYS. Remember how on Sunday’s Game of Thrones, Arya basically spent all her time running around covered in blood and ash while trying not to die? Yeah, well some fans think she actually did die, and they’re out here with receipts.

It all comes down to that white horse that showed up Uber-style right when Arya needed a ride. You probably were too busy angry tweeting @ the GoT writers to notice, but this horse should have looked familiar to you. Because it appears to be the same horse that was seen with the Golden Company earlier in the episode:

The return of this horse would just be a nice detail. If it weren’t for the fact that it was most definitely shown being killed at the beginning of the episode. I won’t show a pic because no one wants to see a dead horse, but trust! It died!

And sure, it’s possible that the show just reused the same horse actor. But think about it: a) the writers know that fans would n-e-v-e-r not notice a detail like this, b) this is an extremely distinctive horse, so it seems like the writers were hoping fans would notice him, and c) the show spent a lot of time focusing on the horse at the beginning to show us just how dead it was. In other words: Game of Thrones wanted us to notice it used the same horse for these two scenes.

But if the horse is dead…that begs the question: Is Arya dead too? Honestly, it’s not that much of a reach. We literally saw a building collapse on top of her and she woke up covered in a layer of ash and blood before meeting up with a horse who we saw die in a previous scene. To quote a fan: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure Arya is dead too. She got all burnt up and a building fell on her. They made a point of showing us the death of the horse and the countless deaths of Arya. And yet they both rise from the ashes. If this isnt some lord of light shit, I’m gonna be pissed.”

The only thing this theory doesn’t have going for it? The fact that we see Arya pop up in the trailer for next week’s episode. But please keep in mind that this is a show with a stronger than strong history of reanimating the dead—both by the Lord of Light and the Night King. To quote another fan: “The red god brought it back for Arya. They definitely spent a long time making it seem very mystical, like divine intervention. That was definitely intentional.”

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