The gang who stole a golden toilet worth almost £5million may have carried out a second loo-crative raid on a stately home.

Crooks took the £4.8million functional artwork – entitled America – from Blenheim Palace on Saturday.

And it has emerged that days earlier priceless heirlooms were stolen from Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire – just over 30 miles away.

Crooks shattered a display case and took jewellery and artefacts before making off in a 4×4.

A silver caviar box and gold cigarette case made by Faberge, as well as a 1793 snuffbox were among items stolen on September 8.

Gloucestershire Police, who have footage of suspects carrying a sledgehammer, said they were “open minded” about links to other “high-value” raids.

And Christopher Moses, from private security firm Blackstone Consultancy said the two crimes may have been executed by the same crooks, despite the targets being “quite different.”

He said: “A gold toilet is very specific and I’d expect has already been melted down or was stolen to order.

“Sudeley is not as well known as Blenheim and more of a smash and grab raid.

“But there are only a few gangs in operation who do this kind of thing.

“It takes planning and experience – they will have a network set up.”

He added promotion of stately homes on social media gave crooks vital insight for planning raids.

Castle owner Lady Elizabeth Ashcombe, is offering a £10,000 reward for the return of her property.

She said: “There were beautiful artefacts on display for everyone and very precious.”

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