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A British foodie has come under fire for saying British cuisine is the “best in the world” while showing off his munchie box of fast food.

The Reddit user decided to post a snap of his dinner on Reddit, where he made the strong statement which didn’t go down well with everyone.

After all, while restaurants in Britain are some of the world’s best our cuisine is not well regarded – unfairly, perhaps, considering Yorkshire puddings!

But, mostly, fellow social media users were annoyed that the foodie chose to represent our national cuisine with a snack box filled with potato sides and shaped chicken.

Munchie boxes are a style of takeaway where a variety of different foods are stuffed into a pizza box.

He captioned the snap: “British cuisine. Best in the world.”

In the box, there were curly fries, potato smileys, Turkey Twizzlers, chicken dippers, turkey dinosaurs, potato waffles, a cheese and tomato pizza, beans and spaghetti hoops.

Almost 1000 people liked the photo, but in the comments people were disappointed.

“It's honestly like a box of sadness,” added one poster.

A third noted: “Nothing sadder than seeing beans inside a thin plastic container.”

“Beige food,” a critic pointed out while another added: “Did someone just ram-raid the local ASDA freezer aisle?”

“Beans aren’t a condiment,” a Reddit user wrote.

While another said: "I'm a Brit and I can't think of anything worse. Add some flavour, some colour, some life. This has the personality of a wet sponge."

"That’s an embarrassment and not British cuisine. Wouldn’t feed that to my dog," fumed another.

But, not everyone was turned off by the junk food treat.

A fan wrote: “This looks dynamite except one thing. Sorry but Turkey Twizzlers are nothing like I remember as a kid.”

“Just showed my kids this and asked ‘would you eat this?’ And both replied with a confident ‘yes’,” said a mum.

While a third joked: "The amount of crimes I would commit for this rn.”

And, a fourth wrote: “God I wish my local takeaways did the whole pizza box filled with food thing.”

Another foodie added: “That box couldn't be any more British if it tried. I would eat the whole lot!”

What do you think – does this munchie box represent British food? Tell us in the comments…

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