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We all know that alcohol lowers our inhibitions and makes us do things we never usually would.

Whether that’s dancing on tables, ordering another round of shots or arguing with your pals.

But, drunk shopping is one boozy consequence which usually only results in a funny anecdote or a bizarre new piece of decor in your home.

Unless you’re this anonymous bloke who posted his issue on a community Facebook group after a booze-fuelled weekend.

He explained that he’d drunkenly ordered himself a sex doll – and it was delivered to his new neighbour’s home while he was at wor, reports Tyla.

And, the packaging was not at all discreet…

The embarrassed lad wrote: "Please ignore if not allowed/inappropriate but wondered if anyone could help me out.

"When the Euros was on I got hammered and drunk me thought it would be an excellent idea to buy a full life size sex doll off eBay after England lost.

"Forgot about it until I got emails saying it had dispatched and by that time couldn't cancel.

"So it arrived in the post earlier than expected today and needless to say I am mortified as I was at work so my neighbour who has just moved in agreed to sign for it when I was out to add to my horror. I dread to know what she is thinking.

"I opened it up and oh my god it's hideous. I don't know what to do with it. I'm so embarrassed. What do I do with it?”

He continued: “I can't sell on Facebook Marketplace as that would involve getting it out the house, neighbours seeing. Returning it under eBay's return policy would involve going to the post office aka social suicide.

"Going to the tip would be double social suicide not to mention if police pull me over thinking I'm disposing a real body.

"Does anyone have any other suggestions or a big enough box to hide this heinous obscenity?"

Hundreds of laughing Facebook users replied to the post.

“Can I have it, lol,” asked one.

A second said: "I've had a rough day, thank you for cheering me up lol."

While a third wrote: "How much do you want for her? Asking for a friend."

Here’s hoping he finds a solution…

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