Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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Today’s astrology prediction suggests we’ll all be much more optimistic, charming and motivated. You’ll be able to look at things with fresh eyes, start new conversations and take on new challenges. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for November 16.

The Moon is in Aries and sextile to Jupiter for most of the day.

The Aries Moon is confident and impulsive as it is, and Cafe Astrology points out its sextile angle to Jupiter this morning boosts our optimism further.

The site adds that the Moon in Aries generally favours the following activities:

  • Quick actions that yield immediate results (Staying power may be lacking)
  • Undertakings that involve the self and the personality
  • Self-assertion
  • Taking on challenges
  • Beginning short-term projects

Later today, the Moon moves into Taurus.

Cafe Astrology said: “With a Taurus Moon, the desire for more security motivates us.”

When the Moon is in Taurus, we are motivated by the desire for “serenity, security, peace, and comfort.”

The site continues: “The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus.

“Our basic impulses are to relax, resist change, and stop to smell the roses.

“Life slows down a little, and we get comfortable. We may also be inclined to stubbornness and materialism under this influence.”

The Moon is also square to Venus today, and that usually signals that we’re easily pleased with love and affection.

However, because the Moon is in Aries Tarot.com suggests “flattery won’t get us anywhere”.

The site warns: “Being direct is probably a safer idea, especially with authority figures.

“Sticking strictly to business can move stalled projects ahead and save everyone time and money, especially when a tense square between the egotistical Sun and excessive Jupiter, which could easily blow things out of proportion.

“Beware of taking silly jokes and offhand remarks personally!

“When in doubt, it’s better to laugh than lash out.”

The Sun is sextile to Pluto today, which picks up our motivation.

Cafe Astrology said: “We seek a little more depth from our activities and connections.

“This influence subtly increases our ambition, determination, and dedication.

“Making improvements or working toward a personal goal can be successful now.”

Astrology.com added: “Our ambitions will be ignited, as we hunger for power, success, and victory.

“We may be able to assert ourselves and prove our worth—but again, if our power is misused, we could soon be headed toward self-destruction.”

We tend to direct our energy constructively and seek new insight into our lives with the Sun sextile Pluto.

The site explained: “It’s a time for discovering new ways of looking at problems or life in general.

“We feel more vital and enjoy the empowered feeling that results from making changes and improvements.

“Research might bring rewards – we benefit from strategy and perhaps some discretion.”

The Sun will be sextile Pluto until Thursday, and it’s going to bring you lots of charm.

Astrology King said: “This magnetic attraction that you hold gives a lot of influence over other people without even trying.

“You can use this increased power to propel yourself to great achievements.

“This is helped by tremendous drive and determination, fueled by a deep desire to make something of yourself.”

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