Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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The planets continue to charge you with new year energy. For the third day in a row, the universe is pushing you towards deciding your destiny for the new year and throwing everything at you to help achieve your goals.

Today, we are continuing to look forward to the year ahead and set our ambitious goals for 2022.

Yesterday’s New Moon in Capricorn encouraged us to set intentions. Today, the planets align to help us on our way towards reaching those goals.

Jupiter, who brings with her luck and good fortune, is forming a square with the Nodes of Destiny.

The Nodes of Destiny, also known as the North and South Nodes, are the astrological points where the Sun and Moon cross.

As their title suggests, the Nodes of Destiny are thought to guide you towards your true purpose.

This means as we decide what our goals for 2022 will be, the guiding presence of the Nodes of Destiny will remind us to stay true to ourselves.

The changes the planets are pushing you towards this year aren’t drastic ones.

It’s more accurate to think about 2022 as a year of transformation into a more authentic version of yourself.

The universe wants you to have more confidence in yourself and the boldness to pursue the things you truly enjoy.

Don’t worry about what others may think or say, unburdening yourself from the opinions of others will set you free and help you to live life to the fullest.

Today is a good day to ask what you want from this year and which experiences will make you happy.

Bear in mind the Nodes of Destiny, who are pushing you towards goals that will bring you the most personal fulfilment.

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Not every goal will be about “success” either, as 2022 is a year to pursue enjoyment as well as accomplishment.

Later today, the Moon moves into Aquarius and aligns with Mercury.

This makes us feel open to communication and cooperation.

You’ll be looking for opportunities to connect with those around you, and find mutual understanding.

It will be easier to communicate as you open your heart and your arms to whoever you choose to share your evening with.

Talk to them about your goals and your ideas for the year ahead.

Ask them how they will embrace the new year: this will be an opportunity to connect more deeply with this person as they share insights into their dreams and destiny.

The Sun is sitting parallel to Mars today, meaning your reactions will be fast and your determination strong.

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