Astrology: People want to relate to horoscopes says Vyse

Wednesday’s horoscope will see the Moon move from Libra to Scorpio. And astrologers agree this will see your world take on a darker hue.

The middle of the working week is therefore a good time to confront whatever is lurking in the background of today’s perceived pleasantries.

So what is really taking place behind those seemingly-innocent smiles on social media?

One thing is for certain is behaviour may not be as wholesome as it first appears.

And this tendency may be exaggerated even more when the Libra Moon forms a Square with distant dwarf planet Pluto in Capricorn.

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A Square in astrology is an aspect revealing any annoying issues in your life, reflecting the specific planets involved.

With Pluto blocking the Moon, it is doubtful this Square will therefore be particularly productive.

However, it is clear diplomacy may a hidden agenda today, meaning you might at times be shocked by what you discover.

The day’s headline event then takes place, when Earth’s celestial orb enters Pluto’s domain.

This star sign firmly resides in Scorpio’s territory, which has the unfortunate consequence of you facing an entire 24 hours of potential unpleasantness.

The Moon in Scorpio lives for crises, which is what you can find yourself firefighting for much of Wednesday.

But, of course, this is in reality only a minor drama and there are more important affairs to tackle.

Scorpio is not commonly considered to be content with superficialities and is always inquisitive about what lies beneath.

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And Wednesday’s Scorpio Moon is said to be unable to rest until this is found.

Scorpio is a survivor and thought capable of viewing the world only in black and white.

The first stop for the Scorpio Moon is Venus and Saturn in Aquarius.

This pair is heading for a Conjunction and this will be very pleasant.

Conjunctions occur in astrology when two different planets combine in the same sign.

This is best viewed as a timely reality check for anything which is important to you.

This can involve your assets, relationships and your finances.

And while that is not until this Saturday, you are already entering a narrow passage.

What you value most is about to go through the tough times, so make sure things you hold dear will survive.

Will your finances take a hit? Will your value hold up? Only time will tell – so brace yourself.

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