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Are you looking to start your casino adventure and are looking for a platform that has the most attractive welcome bonus or a wide promotional offer? Here you will find the latest information and an overview of all bonuses.

What is a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses can take many forms. It’s nothing more than an assistance to the players to make it easier for them to win and at the same time encourage them to continue playing in the casino. The most common and basic form of bonus is the welcome bonus – a promotion for new customers, usually characterized by the greatest attractiveness and the highest amounts, which is designed to help us at the very beginning.

However, not all casino bonuses are equally attractive. An important factor here is the issue of turnover, meaning how many times we have to play for a certain amount to be able to withdraw our funds. Let’s assume that we use a bonus equal to 100% of the deposit amount up to 1000 $ and the wagering requirements are 10 times the bonus amount. In this case, assuming we decide to reach the highest possible amount (1000 $), we will have to reach a turnover of up to 10 000 $.

In real life this means that we will have to play for $ 10,000 before we can withdraw the bonus funds. However, the term “bonus funds” can vary a bit from casino to casino – that is, sometimes the turnover can include both the deposit and the bonus value (deposit amount + bonus amount), while in others it can be just the bonus itself.

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The 10 times turnover we gave as an example above, however, is not high. In practice, this value is usually higher – after all, we win and lose in the casino all the time, so it is very easy to play for large amounts with a minimal loss or a small win over the deposited amount. However, we must bear in mind that not all casino bonuses are equally attractive, and the key factors determining this attractiveness are the wagering requirements.

Why do casinos offer bonuses?

Why do casinos give away money to be earned later? Because a happy player equals a happy casino. Casino bonuses are definitely a very good way to get some extra money in your bankroll and help you get ‘set up’ – if you manage to collect a lot of winnings at the very beginning, you will surely visit the casino much more often. No matter how you look at it, it’s very beneficial for us.

An attractive welcome bonus makes new players more eager to visit a given casino, and further promotions keep those who have already played a little on a given platform. Casinos want to keep their regular customers and offer them numerous promotions – this is a very good way to attract and keep players at the casino.

However, before taking advantage of a casino bonus we have to get acquainted with its terms and conditions. The conditions vary from casino to casino and from promotion to promotion. Of course we inform you about everything in our reviews, although it’s also important to read the rules of the particular bonus and its benefits.

How to get a bonus?

If you’re interested in a casino bonus, check out the list we’ve prepared above with the best rated casinos and currently the most attractive welcome bonuses.

Just click on the casino of your choice and its promotional offer and you will be redirected to the casino’s main page. After creating an account on the platform, we will be able to receive the bonus – in any case! By using the casinos listed above we are 100% guaranteed to receive the bonus as a new casino user.

But we have to remember that the ways of activating the bonus may differ from one casino to another. In some casinos this bonus is given immediately after the registration and in others you have to activate it manually.

The bonuses also differ from each other in that they can be “on deposit” or “no deposit”, which means that they are granted only after depositing money in the casino or right from the start. However, most of the welcome bonuses, especially the ones that allow you to earn quite attractive amounts, are deposit-based.

Is this bonus “good”?

Not every promotion is necessarily a great deal for us – this applies to everyday life, such as in stores, as well as in the online casino industry. How can you tell if a bonus is attractive for you?

The attractiveness of a bonus is mainly determined by:

  • Required wagering requirements
  • Bonus amount (maximum amount and deposit percentage)
  • The type of bonus (on deposit / no deposit)

It’s the wagering requirements that determine whether or not a promotion is beneficial to you. It’s best to keep them as low as possible – then you’ll have to play for a given amount of money as few times as possible to withdraw your bonus money and enjoy the money you’ve earned.

Undoubtedly, the bonus amount is also important. High roller players who like to play for bigger stakes may not be satisfied with a bonus of only a few hundred dollars. Of course, if there is a proper ratio between the size of the bonus and the required turnover, it is better for the amount to be higher than lower. This gives the players much more opportunities.

The third important factor is the type of bonus. In the case of no deposit bonuses, you won’t have to deposit funds on the platform to receive the bonus. Unfortunately, however, the wagering requirements are often much stricter here – in return, we are rewarded with a completely free cash injection and we do not risk our own money. The opposite is the deposit bonus, where you first have to deposit your own money on the platform in order to receive the bonus.

There are many different types of promotions at casinos. Some forms are extremely popular, such as the welcome deposit bonus, while others are much more niche. Below we have listed all the different types of bonuses you may encounter at the casino.

Welcome bonus / Deposit bonus

This is the most common form of bonus and is available at almost every casino. Its aim is to encourage players to register and play in the casino. The welcome bonus is characterized by a high maximum amount – often it reaches several thousands of dollars. And an extra couple of thousands for the start is undoubtedly a very good gift for a new user.

However, there is one thing – these bonuses are deposit-based, which means that in order to receive the, let’s say, two thousand dollars for the game, you also have to deposit a similar amount of money from your own resources. However the ratio of the deposit to the received bonus may vary. Some casinos offer a bonus which is only 50% of the deposited amount, others even offer several times higher values, up to 200% or even 300% of the first deposit.

Here are some examples of welcome bonuses at popular casinos:

Multipart bonuses are promotions that consist of several stages. For example, the bonus at PlayFortuna consists of two parts:

1. a bonus equal to 100% of the deposit amount up to a maximum of $300
2. a bonus equal to 75% of the second deposit up to a maximum of $200

In total you can win up to $500 but first you will need to take a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $300 and only on your second deposit will you be able to continue this promotion and receive another $200.

Free Spins

Free spins is another type of bonus. It was also mentioned above, as most no deposit bonuses are based on free spins – but not only.

Each additional spin on our favorite game can be extremely helpful and can turn into quite a big win. In this case, the company does not offer players money to play directly, but allows them to participate in the game for free.

We can get spins without deposit (not so popular option) or from deposit (it is possible in almost every casino). Also, many welcome bonuses are combined with free spins – very often when you make your first deposit, besides the welcome bonus you also get extra spins on the game.

However, we have to remember that free spins are usually only for the games chosen by the casino. However, the casinos like to surprise their players and they often change the games – one time the promotion may include three specific titles, and in another month it may include several completely different ones.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus, also often found in bookmaker bets, is a form of promotion where you can get back your wagered funds up to a certain amount – usually expressed as a percentage of the wagered amount.

For example, a cashback bonus of 10% up to $1000 will mean that you get back 10% of your bet. For example, if you lose $2,000 in this promotion you will get $200 back in bonus funds. However, we must remember that cashbacks are usually limited to a certain amount, e.g. based on the above example – “up to 1000 $”, which means that we will not receive a return greater than 1000 $.

Most cashbacks are “permanent” bonuses – you can use them more than once. Most often they cover one day of the week – e.g. Wednesday, Sunday or Friday. The day of the week is set individually by the casino. The same is with the duration of the bonus – usually it’s 24 hours – one day, however there are different variations of this form of bonus depending on the casino.

Live Casino Bonus

A popular form of bonus is also the live casino bonus. It can take different forms, although the most common is the deposit bonus – it works in a similar way to the ones described earlier except that here it only applies to live games. Another common option is a cashback bonus.

Occasionally in some casinos you will also find a no deposit bonus that you can use in a live casino. This is usually in the form of chips, less often in cash. However, no deposit bonuses themselves are relatively rare – and it is even more difficult to find something under live casino.

Loyalty programs

A loyalty program is another type of promotion that can take different forms depending on the casino in question. Loyalty programs are very common as the main goal of a casino is not only to attract new players but also to reward veterans for their time and the number of rounds they play. This is why loyalty programs work mainly on the principle of “the more, the better”. – The players who benefit most from them are those who simply play the most.

A loyalty program is also often called a VIP membership. Typical loyalty programs often involve collecting points for playing in the casino and then exchanging them for various attractive prizes. VIP membership is very similar except that here more emphasis is put on obtaining VIP status and reaping the benefits rather than further climbing the ladder of “prestige”.

No matter what form the loyalty program or VIP membership takes, the benefits are the same – extra bonuses for the most deserving players, various free spins, the opportunity to participate in prestigious tournaments and sometimes even prizes like cars or vacations abroad in exotic locations.

What kind of deposit bonuses can we expect?

Basically every casino offers some kind of deposit bonus. If it’s not a welcome promotion, it will be a bonus aimed at existing customers. Deposit bonuses are expressed as a percentage of your deposit. The most common is 100% of the deposit amount – you get a bonus equal to the deposited amount.

However, you may find different values – from 25% to even 300% in some cases. Smaller percentages are often offered when the maximum bonus amount is relatively large and in situations where the bonus is a part of a larger bonus, e.g. third deposit bonus as a continuation of the welcome offer.

Smaller percentages are also the domain of any bonuses that can be used more than once e.g. every week. On the other hand, high percentages usually mean a smaller maximum bonus amount and they are most often found in the form of welcome bonuses.

This is mainly due to the risk involved in each offer. If the casino offers you a bonus equal to a quarter of the amount you deposit, it takes much less risk than if the bonus is equal to 200% or even 300%.

Can I get a casino bonus if I don’t have an account?

Yes, there are casinos that offer players the possibility to participate in the game without registering. However, you have to remember that this is no way to play anonymously as the company will receive your information upon deposit.

However, for casual players or people who simply do not want to go through the process of creating an account this is a really great option. But are we entitled to all the same privileges as in casinos that require us to have an account? And what’s more important – can we enjoy the same good bonuses?

Yes, you will be able to participate in numerous promotions, however their scope will be somewhat limited. You won’t be able to get a typical deposit bonus here as you don’t have a casino account where you can keep a record of your games and progress in meeting the wagering requirements. The same goes for the VIP program for the most dedicated players – the casino won’t be able to reward our loyalty.

So what kind of bonuses can we expect?

The common bonuses in this type of casinos are:

– Promotions in which we have a chance to win (draw) an additional prize (cash or any other) during a regular game in the casino.
– Free spins awarded for playing in the casino (e.g. when you win three times in a row)
– Tournaments in which we can play for various attractive prizes

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