Cardi B seems firmly fixated on increasing her fortune and dominating the world of business. She’s been taking strides in expanding her brand lately, and has just revealed that she’s adding another layer of income to her already massive $30 milion net worth, by entering the world of fashion. She’s not embarking on this huge project alone, either. Page Six has just revealed Cardi B’s  collaboration with Reebok. The two have joined forces in an effort to send clothing sales soaring to a whole new high – by putting Cardi B’s name on them. This brand new, fashion-forward line is called the Summertime Fun Collection, and these affordable new designs can be yours, very soon.

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Whether she’s on the red carpet, in a music video, on a stage, or just posing for selfies and posting on her own social media channels, Cardi B’s is always making a bold fashion statement. Her signature style can’t be denied, and she confidently takes on colors and textures that consistently stun her loyal fan base.

She knows a thing or two about how to make a fashion statement, and now, her fans can follow suit. She has released a collection of clothing that is designed for every body shape and has made her new styles both affordable and accessible.

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This isn’t Cardi B’s first endeavor with Reebok. Her branding relationship with them is already tried, tested, and proven to be wildly successful. Just recently, she worked alongside Reebok to release her own sneaker styles, which promptly sold on within hours of their release.  It’s as a result of this worldwide interest that Reebok and Cardi B decided to take their relationship one step further and are now including attire as part of their collaborative efforts. With the sneakers selling out nearly instantly after becoming available, the same is expected of the Summertime Fun Collection.

The fashion line features a wide variety of items such as bodysuits, crop tops, workout gear and sweatshirts, to name a few. Cardi has even released one more feature pair of sneakers to mark the occasion.

Reebok’s official site describes this new fashion line as being “a nod to Cardi’s old stomping grounds, specifically 90s-era carnivals and amusement parks. From neon sweets to glitzy lights, the colors and materials reflect the transition from day to night. Every single hue and piece of fabric was hand-selected by Cardi.”

Fans are thrilled to hear that this is not just a fashion line that Cardi slaps her name on, but one that she is actively involved in, and lends her personal touch to.

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