Gabby Petito’s family has won their wrongful death suit against Brian Laundrie’s estate. In May, Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt – Gabby’s parents – filed the civil in May in Sarasota County, claiming that Brian was liable for damages after causing their daughter’s death.

The family will likely not receive the entire million-dollar settlement. They’ll only get whatever is left of Brian’s estate, which likely won’t meet the $3 million.

“Brian did not have $3 million; it’s an arbitrary number,” Gabby’s parents’ lawyer, Pat Reilly, said in a statement.

However, the family plans to donate whatever money they do recoup from the lawsuit to the Gabby Petito Foundation. The organization is dedicated to helping people escape domestic violence and locate lost loved ones.

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Gabby’s disappearance caught international attention in August 2021. She had started a van life journey with her boyfriend, Brian, the month prior that was expected to last for four months.

However, after Gabby disappeared, Brian returned to their hometown with the van and was uncooperative in giving details about his girlfriend’s whereabouts.

He eventually went missing in September, only to be found dead in a national park the following month. It was determined he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Brian left a notebook near his remains in which he admitted to killing Gabby.

This isn’t the only lawsuit brought against Brian’s estate. Another lawsuit that’s still pending claims his parents wrongly concealed Brian admitted to the murder after returning home without Gabby. It also alleges they tried to help him escape and withheld pertinent information from the authorities. However, the Laundrie family has denied the allegations.

Recently, a judge denied the Laundrie family’s request for a protective order, which would’ve limited the scope of questions the Petito family’s lawyer can ask during the case. The Laundrie family’s attorney, Matt Luka, argued that the questions could open them up to embarrassment and burden.

He emphasized the tragedy they’ve experienced by losing their son under such circumstances and the media attention around the high-profile case.

However, the attorney for the Petito family argued that the questions were essential in order to fairly judge the case and that it would provide essential information. A judge agreed.

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