"I don't know if that was my anxiety, or maybe the waist was giving cinch and I couldn't breathe," the model was quoted saying, sparking concern

Bella Hadid is setting the record straight.

The 25-year-old supermodel unintentionally sparked concern after she said she couldn’t breathe while posing in a Burberry corset for photographers at the Met Gala.

“I literally like, blacked out,” Bella told Interview Magazine, “I don’t know if that was my anxiety, or maybe the waist was giving cinch and I couldn’t breathe.”

After fans began to raise eyebrows at her comment, Hadid stated that she had been misinterpreted, saying that her anxieties about the event had caused her to become breathless, rather than her tight corset.

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“I want to make this very clear…This is not at all what I (meant to) say,” she addressed followers via Instagram Story. “I didn’t say I blacked out because of my corset. I joked that I blacked out, not because of my corset, but from the regular anxieties and excitement of the carpet.”

She added, “I meant more like it goes by in a flash. So quickly that ya barely remember it!”

“Corsets in general are pretty uncomfortable/hard on the lungs,” Bella continued. “but my corset fit perfectly with enough room to eat and drink.”

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